Sales process tactics to overcome the Charlie Brown syndrome

Date December 2, 2007

charliebrown.JPGThe Charlie Brown Syndrome

If you’re familiar with the “Charlie Brown” comic strip you know that no matter how many times he tried Charlie Brown could never kick the football, never pitch a winning game, and never win the affections of the cute little red-headed-girl. “Charlie Brown syndrome” does not refer to the fact that Charlie always lost, it refers to the fact that despite the actuality that he always lost, he just kept doing it. It’s this sense of despair and pessimism from facing constant defeat, but within it, always some sort of hope that convinces you that this time, you might just kick the football. In this episode Joe and Mike talk about identifying the Charlie Brown syndrome in the sales process and what you can do to overcome it.

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This weeks Master interview is on CRM systems as it relates to selling with:

Bob Kantin CEO of specializes in automating the proposal production process while enhancing the consultative sales process.

Bob Kantin – founder and CEO is also the author of several sales related books including; Quality Selling through Quality Proposals, Strategic Proposals – Closing the Big Deal, and Sales Proposals Kit for Dummies.

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Sales Podcast Show Notes:

Sales Graduate – Entry level sales person, straight out of University/College. Prefer someone who’s worked in retail sales or telephone sales during their education. Must have a passion for computers and all things technical.Account Manager – Farmer pure and simple.
We’re an IT services company specializing in Storage, Networking and Desktop Support with an awesome team. We’re very focused on finding the right people who will fit in with the team socially. Company website is or they can find me on LinkedIn.

Tim Wackel – Ballistix, specializes is what we call sales process engineering. They work predominantly with organizations that sell services and ‘major’ products. They assist these organizations with sales process design and management, technology, and communications

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