Avoid feel good sales meetings that don’t accomplish anything

Date October 20, 2008

Eliminate the Barney Meetings!
How to avoid feel good meetings that don’t accomplish anything.

 Did you ever sit down and count how many meetings you’ve participated in over the last year that turned out to be of no value to your selling efforts?  How about meetings that seemed to go fantastic, where everyone in the room could “feel the love”, but at the end of the day you got nothing out of it?   We refer to these meetings as “Barney Meetings” in reference to the big purple dinosaur that entertains kids and sings “I love you, you love me…”  Although they may make you feel good Barney meetings are a complete waste of a sales person’s time.   In this episode Joe and Mike talk about how to spot Barney meetings, how to avoid them and how, in some instances you can transform them into worthwhile meetings. 

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This week’s Master is: Craig Elias of Shift Selling http://CraigElias.MyPlaxo.com

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We mentioned two sales positions on the show.  If your interested send us an email.

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