A Sales Plan to Survive an Acquisition

Date June 1, 2009


“Mother may I” selling!
A Sales Plan to Survive an Acquisition

You’re on top of your game.  You’re the alpha dog of your sales organization.  You’ve got your own territory, you’re bringing in sales and no-one’s telling you to slow down.  All of a sudden your company gets acquired by a large conglomerate and instead of being top dog you’re playing a bit part and you have to ask permission from your company’s account manager before you can sell into an account.   Welcome to the world of “mother may I?” selling!  In this episode Joe and Mike discuss what you can do to adapt and thrive in a “Mother may I” selling environment.

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This week’s Master: Jonathan Bein Managing Partner at z2m4

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Sales Chess Versus Sales Checkers

What’s the difference between chess and checkers? Checkers is basically a game of reaction. Your opponent makes a move, and you react in the best way that you know how. Chess players on the other hand, plan their moves way ahead of time. The best chess players will already know what options are open to them eleven or even twelve moves ahead of time. They think ahead about every possible contingency, and plan accordingly.

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