What is Your Sales Therapy

Date August 10, 2009

saleszenWhat is Your Sales Therapy?

In order to be in Sales you have to be “on your game”.  It’s a high stakes game with little tolerance for slackers.  You need to perform a high level for an extended period of time to be successful.  In much the same way as race cars take pit stops to refuel and retool to reach optimal performance, sales people need a way to relax and reenergize to perform at their best.  In this episode of the SalesRoundup Joe and Mike discuss what they do for “Sales Therapy” to keep their head in the game.

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This week Guest Interview is Geoffrey James, author of the Sales Machine blog on BNET.com

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This week’s post on the SalesActionPlan Blog:

The single biggest mistake
sales managers make

Like all people, sales managers are often susceptible to the lure of universal solutions. One of the most common of these false solutions is the “God’s Gift” syndrome. If you are a sales manager, this is the type of thing that you want to avoid. If you’re a sales associate, you’ve probably had to work under a manager who has made this mistake in the past. Read more about Sales Managers Mistakes

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