Let’s Make a Deal The Principles of Negotiating Part 1

Date October 4, 2009


The Principles of Negotiating
Part 1

Even though it has one of the most direct and substantial impacts on a sales person’s compensation a lot of sales people underestimate the importance of negotiation during the sales process. If you’re like most sales people your annual income depends on the total dollar amount you sell. If you’re constantly reducing your price to get deals done instead of using a sound negotiating strategy you’re acting very effectively. In part one of this two part series on negotiating Joe and Mike give you a couple of tips to help you prepare for a negotiation and one of the tactics to use while making concessions..

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This week Guest Interview… No one would come on this show LOL

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This week’s post on the SalesActionPlan Blog:

How Unnecessary Meetings Can Kill Your Sales Productivity

Salespeople are generally award based on the amount of revenue they are able to bring in. For this reason, it is in the best interests of sales professionals to only be engaged in activities that further this goal. Unfortunately however, things don’t always work this way. Sometimes, salespeople are able to fool themselves into thinking that they are being productive when in fact, they are just wasting time on tasks that don’t generate revenue: cleaning out their desks several times in a week, spending inordinate amounts of time talking about strategies with co-workers around the water cooler, and worst of all, going to unnecessary meetings. Read more about How Unnecessary Meetings Can Kill Your Sales Productivity

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