The Anatomy of a Lousy Sales Pitch

Date November 9, 2009

presentation22The Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch!

At this very moment millions of people are listening to sales presentations and most of them are probably thinking “when will this be over?” Let’s face it sales people exert a lot of energy to get in front of prospects and a good percentage of those sales people blow it by making a mediocre presentation. How are your prospects reacting to your presentations? Are you talking about your client’s needs? Could your presentation be better?  What are you doing to distinguish yourself from the competition?

This week Joe and Mike discus the anatomy of a lousy pitch and give you some ideas about how you can improve yours.

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This week Guest Interview… Tim Wackel – Anatomy of as lousy pitch

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Show Notes: Life After Death by PowerPoint video

This week’s post on the SalesActionPlan Blog:

Overcoming the Four Top
Pricing Objections in a Complex Sale

The most common objection that you will come across in any sales deal is pricing. The prospect will always, without exception, attempt to bring your price down. Your job, as a top salesperson is to find out why the prospect is objecting to the price. Once you have this information, you will gain the ability to minimize or eliminate the loss that you would have to suffer by allowing for a discount. Read more about handling pricing objections

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