About Us

About Us…and We mean Us!

The SalesRoundup Podcast is designed to deliver useful information to Complex  sales professionals and their management teams in a fast, simple and easy to use format. It provides sales people a means to learn new sales skills or brush up on old ones at their convenience, even while driving, in short 40 minute segments each week. How? Through Podcasting!
This is a FREE community Podcast (What’s a podcast?) If you are involved in any way (sales, sales management, System Engineers) with complex sales This Show Is For You!.. Each week we (that’s you and me) will develop the show together!

This is a True Community Based Podcast!

We encourage you to email us at joe@salesroundup.com or mike@salesroundup.com. As is our tradition, we will read your email on the show.  Unless otherwise agreed to we will not share your personal information!  We hate spam too and respect your confidentiality!

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About Joe & Mike…
We have been selling in the high tech space for over 20 years! (ouch! somehow it looks worse in writing) Anyway, we have been in sales and sales management for a while. we enjoy helping sales people hone their skills and strategize on big deals. As sales executives, we get paid to do it for a living. By the way, over the years many sales people have made a lot of money under our tutelage. We can’t take all the credit but we sure helped!

Our background consists of working for large billion dollar plus corporations to venture backed startups. we’ve earned rookie of the year, sales person of the year (that’s #1) honors and have been pushed out for poor performance. In 20 years we have seen most everything when it comes to sales.

  • Great sales managers & horrible ones
  • Excellent products and ones that just didn’t work
  • Awesome companies with great leadership and, well…., you get the picture

Now you can benefit from OUR successes and failures, as well the successes and failures of our audience, each week on The SalesRoundup Podcast.