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Sales Negotiating and Pawn Shops – What do they have in common?

Date September 27, 2010

We are Back! What do Pawn Shops and Sales Negotiations have in common? Maybe a lot more than you know. In fact, you can learn a lot about negotiating from watching the interaction between a Pawn broker and his/her clients. In this episode Joe and Mike talk about negotiating and use examples from actual Pawn […]

Overcoming The Sales Price Objections!

Date February 15, 2009

You’re the next contestant on “The price is wrong! Overcoming The Sales Price Objections! How many times during a sales process have you heard “your price is too high”, “you’re going to have to do better than that”,  “your competitor’s price is much more attractive” or any number of pricing objections? If you’re like most […]

Professional Sales Negotiating Strategies

Date April 13, 2008

Deal or No Deal Part 3 Dealing with Procurement Bullies Don’t leave money on the table Did you ever get the feeling right after you closed a deal that you could have made the deal bigger? And how many times have you run into the bully from procurement when its time to negotiate? In episode […]

Negotiating Strategies for Sales Professionals

Date April 6, 2008

Deal or no Deal Part 2 Win the Negotiation Before It Starts The best chess players are the ones who think several moves ahead and consider every possible countermove their opponent can make. The same is true for professional negotiators! The better you plan for an upcoming negotiation the better your chances of getting the […]

Negotiating Strategies for Sales Professionals

Date March 30, 2008

Deal or no Deal Negotiating with Yourself, NOT a Good Idea. Do you leverage existing clients to help you close new business? In this episode Joe and Mike discuss how to turna good client into a good reference and how best to utilize references during the Sales Process to help you close more business faster. […]

Sales strategy for closing deals!

Date September 23, 2007

Sometimes you have to buy it to sell it! Buying deals from your clients Closing business sooner rather than later is always a good thing. But sometimes clients aren’t ready to buy.  Joe and Mike discuss sales strategies for closing business early to maximize year end sales results by buying it from the client Sales […]