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Increase your Referrals exponentially

Date January 17, 2010

The most successful sales people are the ones who have learned the value of generating referrals.   A successful referral system generates more revenue and costs less than the alternative which is cold calling, advertising  and marketing alone.  However most sales people don’t know how to go about creating referrals.  They lack a systematic approach. In […]

Prospecting 2.0 Burn the Ships!

Date October 26, 2009

Burn the Ships! Are you seeing a decline in your prospecting results?   Maybe its because you’re not keeping up with the times. Across the board traditional forms of prospecting are loosing their effectiveness.   It might be time to abandon the old methods and move on to new ones. When Spanish Conquistador Hernando Cortez landed in […]

A Sales Plan to Sell Higher in your deals

Date June 15, 2009

Take me to the next level A common problem with many people is getting to the right level of whatever organization you are trying to sell to.  Plenty of people will tell you why you need to do it but not many people tell you how.  In this episode Joe and Mike tell you how […]

Getting in the door – Develop a Prospecting Plan!

Date October 27, 2008

Getting in the door! As the saying goes “you can’t shoot the dear from the lodge” meaning you can’t close business sitting in your office.  You need to get in front of potential clients to be successful in sales.  But how do you get in front of them?  How do you get in the door?  […]

Top Sales Reps always prospect – Cold calling or nontraditional prospecting what works?

Date August 11, 2008

Be calling or be bawling! If you’re not consistently adding new prospects to your pipeline you are not going to be successful long term. Top sales people know that Prospecting is the MOST important aspect of selling. In this episode Joe and Mike discuss different aspects of prospecting and offer tips on how to be […]

Sales Strategies and Tactics for staying in front of clients and prospects

Date October 29, 2007

Stop em from going (or staying) Silent. The sales process is moving along great when all of a sudden the prospect goes silent/stops communicating/won’t return your calls. What do you do?  In this episdoe Joe and Mike talk about strategies and tactics you can use to get the prospect reengaged and talking again. Sales Podcast […]

Cold Calling Sales Methodology for getting the first meeting

Date July 2, 2007

Open Sesame! Getting in the door – How to land that initial meeting. The purpose of Cold Calling is most often to get that initial meeting.  However many Sales Methodologies don’t tell you how to land it.   Joe and Mike talk about how Sales professionals go about getting that first meeting and how to select […]