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Increase your Referrals exponentially

Date January 17, 2010

The most successful sales people are the ones who have learned the value of generating referrals.   A successful referral system generates more revenue and costs less than the alternative which is cold calling, advertising  and marketing alone.  However most sales people don’t know how to go about creating referrals.  They lack a systematic approach. In […]

How to get through a sales performance or territory review when you’re not doing well

Date September 29, 2008

Putting lipstick on the pig    Your performance this year is not materializing the way you planned.  Your sales are down and you are no where near your quota.   Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse your manager (or even better some corporate sales exec) needs to meet with you to do a performance […]

Sales B2B Social Networking

Date July 6, 2008

Casting a wide Net(work) Our B2B Social Networking Show The advent of Web 2.0 presents a whole new opportunity to leverage technology to reach potential prospects and partners.  But where do you start?  In this episode Joe and Mike talk about different social networking tools, how they use them to drive awareness and how you […]

Sales Knowledge Management – Live From Pragmatech

Date August 19, 2007

Live form Pragmatech!  Joe and Mike go on location at Pragmatech Software to learn about Pragmatech’s innovative sales effectiveness applications and talk about sales with the leaders of Pragmatech’s sales and marketing organizations. Sales Podcast and Sales Blog This weeks Master is: Pragmatech is the worldwide leader in improving sales effectiveness through personalized communications. Pragmatech […]

Sales Technology and Systems

Date August 5, 2007

Internet 101 for Sales People leveraging the internet to get the information you need to know about your prospects and clients.  In this rerun episode Mike and Joe talk about internet tools Sales professionals use to learn about and keep on top of recent news about your prospects and clients. Sales Podcast and Sales Blog This […]

Professional Sales Client Relationships

Date July 29, 2007

Sales Stockholm Syndrome – becoming too friendly with your clients to the detriment of your sales performance. When a sales person becomes too friendly with his / her client and cross the line.  They go too far and put the client above the company.  Joe and Mike talk about how sales professionals can protect themselves […]

Sales professionals guide to utilizing frequent flyer programs

Date May 28, 2007

“The Road Warriors guide to using reward programs” Sales professionals often travel a lot so knowing how to utilize and maximize travel reward programs can save save a sales person time, money and increase their standard of living while on the road.  Joe and Mike discuss how sales people can get the most out of […]