How to Subscribe to The SalesRoundup Podcast:

subscribe_wh_itunesplayer.jpgIf You use iTunes as your Media player with Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser… Simply Use Our One Click Option

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If You Do Not Use iTunes or Are Running in a Non Windows Enviroment, Just Down Load The iPodder Software By Following The Instructions Below:

To start you will need the following:

  1. A computer (Mac or PC)
  2. An Internet connection (with some bandwidth dial-up may be a challenge)
  3. Software to play mp3s like Windows Media Player or Musicmatch (and chances are you already have something on your computer)
  4. Some podcasting software like iPodder (down & install detail below)
  5. An audio card (for your computer), speakers, headphones or a portable mp3 player like iPod
  6. Ears

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  Downloading Software…

Select your platform and down load the ipodder podcatcher software:







Note: The iPodder software comes pre loaded with The SalesRoundup Podcast
In the subscribe tab just click the Green Up&Down arrows to start receiving The SalesRoundup Podcast…


If you want to go back and get older episodes just check off the shows (not shown) and click the green arrows again..



Be sure to choose the player you use: