The Sales Roundup difference

A lot of sales consultants talk the talk, but really don’t have the day to day, up to the minute experience. Mike and Joe are just like you! They still work professionally in B2B Sales where they live out their expert advice every day! Oh, and they are entertaining too! There is nothing worse than listening to a boring Podcast!

Our goal is to help you improve your sales skills by giving you expert ideas and Sales Strategies, that will help you earn more money!

Both Mike and Joe have earned top sales honors many times throughout careers and now they will let you in on their successful strategies.

About Mike & Joe

With over 50 years of combined Sales and Sales management experience, Mike and Joe provide expert sales advice which is both informative and entertaining.  They launched the Sales Roundup Podcast In 2005 which ran weekly for five years. After an eight-year hiatus, Mike and Joe have decided to “Reboot” the show.